Exciting Opportunities at IMP Multimedia

At IMP Multimedia, we take pride in our consumer portals that cater to millions of members, offering them a world of personalized, exclusive rewards and enticing offers tailored to their distinct lifestyles. Simultaneously, our portals serve as a powerful bridge, enabling brands and retailers to establish enduring connections with a dedicated and discerning audience of avid shoppers. 
Join us on this journey of mutual trust and shopping delight.

People are the true catalyst for assisting others.

IMP Multimedia's team recognized that their work had a profound impact on shoppers, and they aspired to extend this influence worldwide. This ambition led to the establishment of hubs and partnerships spanning the globe, propelling the company's growth. However, profitability was just one facet of their journey. What truly made IMP Multimedia an exhilarating workplace was the convergence of shared values and diverse perspectives. It was a place where common beliefs and differences coalesced into something extraordinary.

Great teamwork at IMP, we excel at work, and have a fantastic time doing it.
Yutian Lei
productivity and fun, creating a vibrant and enjoyable workplace.
Yutian Lei
perfect blend of work, delivering top results while enjoying the journey together.
Yutian Lei

Hybrid work arrangements have ushered in a transformative era, where individuals effortlessly harmonize their personal lives and professional pursuits. This flexible approach allows for an optimal balance, as it redefines the traditional boundaries between work and leisure. By offering employees the freedom to choose how and where they work, hybrid models empower individuals to design their schedules, fostering a newfound sense of equilibrium that enhances both productivity and overall well-being.


An enterprise focused on consumers' needs, connecting with three savvy shopping communities.
At the heart of each shopping solution, you'll find dedicated teams brimming with innovative ideas and unwavering determination.
Our team's diversity plays a pivotal role in our commitment to serving consumers.
What we seek in an ideal
member of our team.

A brand that embodies responsibility towards consumers.

IMP’s dedicated consumer portals deliver personalized, exclusive rewards and offers to millions of members, tailored to their distinct lifestyles.

Don't hesitate to get in touch for further guidance.

Roberto Rubim

Chief of Staff

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Open Positions

Business Excellence

Affiliate Specialist (m/f/x)
Virtual Office


Data Entry Agent (m/f/x)
German & English Speaker
Virtual Office

Data Entry Agent (m/f/x)
Portuguese & Spanish Speaker
Virtual Office

Data Entry Agent (m/f/x)
French Speaker
Virtual Office


Associate Director of Design
Virtual Office

Senior Design System Specialist
Virtual Office

General Marketing

Market Expansion Manager (m/f/x)
English speaker

Customer Support

Customer Support Agent (m/f/x)
German speaker


Account Coordinator (m/f/x) – Partnerships Spanish & English speaker

Account Manager – Spanish & English Speaker (m/f/x)


CRM Specialist – You will work closely with cross-functional teams to drive business growth


DevOps Engineer (Linux and Docker)

MySQL Database DevOps Engineer

People & Culture

Compensation & Benefits Specialist (m/f/x)

Tech Development

Senior Full-stack Engineer – Angular/Java (m/f/x)

Senior Frontend Engineer – PHP/MySQL/JavaScript (m/f/x)

Senior Software Architect (m/f/x)