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Providing discounts to people all over the world.

IMP’s websites serve our visitors by offering them personalized and exclusive deals that suit their unique lifestyles. This not only benefits visitors, but also enables brands and online stores to establish a long-lasting and direct connection with a loyal, targeted audience that loves to shop online and rely on the recommended deals and discount codes.

We take the online coupons business to new heights.

For over a decade, IMP has been providing discounts to its dedicated members. Currently, the community of members consists of people all over the world.

We are an international discounts and coupons provider, maintains an unwavering commitment to its shopping community. The IMP Team is constantly generating new ideas and services, ensuring that their users are connected to the most relevant brands, enabling them to get more value out of life.

"Always nice to get discounts easily!”

IMP member

Leader of coupons in continental Europe and the Americas.

On average, a consumer saves up to 10% on online purchases

Additional solutions and services include a website, mobile apps, an inspiring blog, a newsletter and browser extensions.

Millions of consumers save daily using our discounts and coupon codes

"Always nice to get cashback easily!”

iGraal member

120€ cashback is the yearly average that a member gets.

*iGraal data, 2021 (for iGraal and Shoop)

Leader of cashback in continental Europe.

Other solutions and services including website, mobile applications, inspirational blog, newsletter, and browser extensions.

Offers Cashback to millions of members in France, Germany, and Spain.

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Innovative websites that saved shoppers both time and money when looking for the best discounts

The UK’s original browser extension.

Works with over 3,000 stores.

It's new Pouch Points, allows users to earn extra loyalty points online as well.