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In addition to deals and coupon codes, we support retailers to reach their business goals with valuable solutions and services

Providing a complete range of services throughout the entire customer journey

Our extensive customer network, consisting of millions of user journeys and thousands of motivated members, together with our advanced technology and innovative solutions, makes us the ideal partner for any brand. Our reach and scale set us apart from the competition
Through our experience and knowledge on a global level, we offer comprehensive support to both consumers and brands throughout the entire purchase process, providing them with a diverse array of innovative services and solutions. Additionally, our strong and enduring partnerships with leading publishing sites allow us to leverage their prime real estate to deliver valuable advice, offers, and retail solutions to their readers
Essentially, our collaborative platform offers a space for shoppers and brands to connect and receive rewards, however, there are still additional benefits.

Our development never stops, we are constantly working to create more opportunities for online brands.

Our dedicated members make up our community of shoppers who value and return regularly for personalized offers and incentives offered through our consumer portals – Muy Interesante and Catraca Livre
People visit portals such as 1001promocodes and 1001vouchercodes, as well as other shopping portals, to seek inspiration for their shopping and receive valuable advice on what and where to buy. They find the experience enjoyable and often come back for targeted offers and rewards.
Every passing day we gain a better understanding of our members, enabling us to offer them better and more relevant solutions. This includes recommending the right products and services, resulting in greater purchase satisfaction and greater loyalty to the brands we work with.
Through a strong presence and a comprehensive understanding of each consumer as a unique individual, we are on our way to earning the reputation of being the most trusted and reliable companion of the customer.


We advise online stores and brands to use discounts and promotions. Our experts will provide professional advice so that campaigns are successfully converted.

Customer Loyalty

We connect stores with new customers through our loyalty-based programs that reward members when they make a purchase, increasing sales frequency and the average basket amount.

Content Writing

Our SEO copywriters write inspiring and informative content about stores, offers and brands that grabs the consumer's attention and helps them make the right decision, ultimately leading to more sales.

Sales Events

We create special campaigns at Sales Events like Black Friday or Singles' Day that inspire consumer purchases with ideas to get the most out of their discounts. It's an excellent opportunity for stores to increase sales volume.

And.... there's more

We also offer engagement tools such as ‘App Campaigns’, ‘Targeted Newsletters’, ‘Browser Extensions’ etc. These enhance the consumer shopping experience, increase the value of the shopping basket, and help stores deliver their promotions in real-time.

Expert guidance that transforms data and expertise into enduring consumer relationships

Our team consists of leading specialists with strategic insights and comprehension of real-time data in the worldwide e-commerce market.
Our team is made up of top-notch experts who possess strategic insights and a deep understanding of real-time data in the global e-commerce industry.
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"When it comes to supporting the merchant's requirements, IMP Multimedia has always gone the extra mile, be it in streamlining day-to-day operations or providing analysis and recommendations."

"Our decision to partner exclusively with IMP to promote our most successful online courses couldn't have been more satisfactory."

"AliExpress is highly pleased with IMP's robust white label partnerships, as well as the continuous advancements in technology."

"IMP's dedication to spearheading innovation in the industry has cemented their status as a critical partner on the CJ network."

Partner with us to accomplish great things.


At IMP, we firmly believe that placing the consumer at the center of our operations allows us to advance e-commerce in a positive direction for everyone. This is a long-term goal, but we have made significant strides in recent times, here are a few examples of our accomplishments as we strive towards an even brighter future.

IMP has introduced a Certification, which offers an intelligent approach to customizing our discounts. We can now assist brands in tailoring their offers to targeted and appropriate customer segments.
IMP won the award for Best Brand Engagement Campaign. The campaign partnered with the mental health charity 'Mind' to promote mental wellness through sports.
IMP has collaborated with 'Wilderness International' to safeguard the climate and distinctive wilderness locations. With each transaction made via the website, we make a modest contribution that will safeguard a valuable forested area for years to come.

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